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Video Professor computer tutorials are the most effective way to learn how to use a computer. No matter what your computer learning needs are, we have tutorials to help you achieve a higher level of skill and knowledge. Whether you want to learn how to use spreadsheets, databases, web design, word processing, HTML, financial management or simply the basics of how to use your computer itself, Video Professor has the proven training tools you need.

Learn Computer Basics

Learn the Internet

Overcome Internet Fears

Microsoft® Office

Learn the most popular Microsoft programs.

Microsoft® Office Integration

Learn how office programs work together.

Microsoft® Outlook®

Stay in touch, on time and in the loop.

Microsoft® Windows®

Master the complexity of your computer.



Become a database whiz

Financial Management


Master your money matters

Online Investing

Learn proven Wall Street success strategies


Get to know a small business advisor


Need help managing money? You found it!

Internet and Technology


Master the worlds biggest marketplace

Digital Devices Made Easy

iPods, Smartphones and home theatres

Learn The Internet

Overcome Internet fears

Protect Yourself Online:

Viruses, Scams and Social Networking

Wireless Networking

Connect multiple computers with ease

Online Travel

Save time and money planning trips online

Presentations and Publishing

Microsoft® PowerPoint®

Produce pristine presentations

Microsoft® Publisher

Control your own publishing


Microsoft® Excel®

Add "Spreadsheet Expert" to your resume

Web Design and Graphics


HTML made easy

Adobe© Photoshop®

Develop your photo design and graphic skills

Digital Photography

Create memories with digital cameras and scanners

Word Processing

Microsoft® Word

Be more productive overnight!